Your PleniSphere® Visit

We are organizing public viewings soon, and we will post future dates here.

In the meantime:

Currently we offer three PleniSpheres® for your viewing and relaxing pleasure.

Please call us in advance, or the day of your desired arrival time.
This way we can make sure everything is ready for you and there is no scheduling conflict.
Bring a friend, relative, or group if you would like.

What to expect:

  • We invite you to start your visit with a Shimara® Hand Facial, For Him and For Her. Wash your hands with our unique off-grid dry soap, followed by our oil-free, chemical-free radiant lotion. Women and men alike comment on their nutrient-rich, silky smooth hands.
  • View a brief and thorough video on the unique PleniSphere® Technology
  • At your leisure, listen to one of Adonata Pyaga's Guided Journeys from The Happy Heart. Lean back with earphones, and be transported to a realm designed to satiate your present needs.
  • Adonata and her staff will come back when you are ready and answer any questions.
Please call us at (505) 983-0693 today and come ready to luxuriate yourself for a few minutes in the middle of your week!

We can accommodate a different time of day upon your request. We love to show off our PleniSphere®s!