PleniSphere® Disaster Relief

Typical Disaster Relief Shelters have serious limitations:

limited durability, poor ventilation, unhealthy materials, weak structure, difficult to heat, too heavy to carry, lengthy set up, collapses in winds, leaks in torrential rains, dangerous in earthquakes, unsuitable for snow, constant repairs and maintenance.

A PleniSphere® is unique because it offers all advantages and no setbacks:

2-hour setup by one person, decades of durability, well ventilated during summer heat and during cooking, toasty warm in winter, light to carry to remote locations, promotes health of occupants with breathable materials, sustains prolonged heavy rain, intense heat, extreme cold, high winds, snow and earthquakes.

PleniSphere® Benefits:

A PleniSphere® has positive ecological footprint!

Setup does not require alteration of the soil or surroundings

Setup requires no expertise, can be accomplished in 30 minutes with 4 people

Sets up directly on ground or wood deck

Patent pending technologies, including double-wall air insulation

Highest quality, durable and beautiful finishes

3 window layers afford privacy, insect protection, cold protection, clear views

Vertical wall space affords extra storage

Highest quality preshrunk 100% cotton canvas 

Non-toxic treatments for UV water, and mildew resistance, and fire retardant

Time-tested in every climatic region over 5 years

What we offer:

  • Reliable production capability of high monthly volume
  • Expert sustainable village design consulting
  • Immediate licensing of patent pending product  

What you receive:

  • Long term solution for urgent problems with no definite end in sight
  • Low cost, highly functional, year-round, esthetically pleasing dwelling
  • Transport PleniSphere®s to new locations effortlessly, group set up within minutes
  • Complete protection from ravages of nature
  • Trouble-free, maintenance-free dignified lifestyle
  • Always warm, dry and insect-free interior
  • Order as many or as few as you need

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