What Others Are Saying About the PleniSphere®:

"When I first went into the PleniSphere® I felt very comfortable, like an all encompassing kind of a hug. I dare not use the word womb! It was a soft warm place, the light was very unique. I have never been in a place where the light was so soft and with a glow about it, and not artificial. It was a hot day, I stepped into and it was cool and comfortable. I feel the PleniSphere® is the evolution of the tipi!" 

-- Paul Rainbird, Contemporary Indian Art Expert

"It is such a happy feeling when I walk in! It feels like another world, the way it is built, the circular, the double wall, it feels like a space of solitude, of peace. Its like you are away from the world but still in it; and a part of nature! That is what I felt the first time I walked into the PleniSphere®!"

-- Margaret Houghton, school teacher

"I am very sensitive to surrounding energies and places, and I feel recharged in here. The heigh gives it a feeling of openness and makes it seem much larger than it is. It feels like you are a part of nature without the inconvenience of camping! 

--Anya Sebastian, professional writer.

For Therapy: 

"The group session I participated in the PleniSphere® in the circular atmosphere was conducive to people communicating, I felt very comfortable sharing in that environment. This is a healing place."

-- a group therapy participant

For Daily  Living:

"I have been fortunate to have lived in a plenisphere, and I can say that it has been wonderful. I don't know how to explain how, but it provides a tranquil place in this rushed world. It is very special to be with nature, to hear the sounds of the night, of creatures going about their business, seeing and hearing them, without inflicting my presence upon them. A conventional dwelling, even of bales or cob, isolates you from the world. In a plenisphere you feel a part of the natural world. Yes is is small compared to what we have grown up with, but if we take the step to the smaller side of beauty, we get to experience life in a very different and special way. I am honored to have known Adonata and think that she is very special, particularly to have had the drive to create such a unique manner of living and the perseverance to develop the plenisphere, for others to be able to experience a new and more connected manner of being. It is not for everyone, but if you are open to nature, I heartily recommend her manner of living. It is a low cost lifestyle, with rich rewards of experience, of self, and nature. I so would hope that people take the plunge and try this new experience and new way of living." 

--Anders Bro, geotechnical engineer

"I loved having the fire here, a controlled setting, more sophisticated than camping, but you still had the feeling were outside!"

--Aleah Matlock, student who spent a cool winter night in a PleniSphere®