Arched windows in 4 directions create as much cross ventilation as you desire in a PleniSphere®
Arched windows in 4 directions create as much cross ventilation as you desire in a PleniSphere®
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Since 2010, a variety of sizes have been tested and used for living, sleeping, bathing, exercising, working, cooking, entertaining, playing, meditating, creating pottery, art, photography, and more. We lived, worked an entertained through the seasons in a wide range of climatic and geographic regions. We  experimented with a variety of sizes and features with the intention to maximize functionality for every practical circumstance. Throughout, we maintained the highest commitment to quality, durability and esthetic appeal. We received a utility patent in 2016 (US9523213). The generous height adds a feeling of openness, and the round shape allows for much more efficient use of space. They provide profound comfort, protection from all the elements, and unsurpassed beauty. 

Queen PleniSphere® Value: $8,320.00


  • 15' inner diameter
  • 10' height
  • 180 sq ft of living space
  • 4 arched windows
  • 1 arched door with rounded bottoms for ease of opening
  • All doors and windows come with 3 hidden zippered layers: blind, screen and clear UV vinyl
  • Both inner and outer walls are 100% heavy duty pre-shrunk cotton canvas
  • Canvas has 4 non-toxic treatments: fire retardant, mildew resistant, water resistant, UV resistant
  • Flooring is a waterproof, puncture resistant, mildew resistant, fire retardant polyethylene tarp.
  • All seams are enclosed in heavy-duty, all-weather elegant binding
  • All threads are industrial strength and UV coated
  • Total weight is 120 pounds, divided between two contractor size bags, 65 and 55 lbs each
  • Accommodates 17 chairs in a circle, 27 auditorium style. Accommodates 8 yoga mats
  • Stays efficiently warm at -0°F, well ventilated in summer, sustains winds up to 80 mph, melt snow as it lands, endures torrential rains and storms with grace
  • 2 adults and 1-2 small children can live in it full-time
  • Annex a Mascot PleniSphere® for additional space
  • Perfect size for 7 overlapping functional rooms: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, office room, craft room, exercise room, and more
  • Lavish backyard to get away, guesthouse, office space, art studio, healing room, playroom, camping anymore
  • Sets up on the ground, wood deck, cement, boat or tree!

Queen PleniSphere® brochure PDF: print both sides onto one sheet of paper, fold it in half twice. 


Advantages of a PleniSphere® over tipis, tents, yurts, temporary buildings, 

and even standard and geodesic homes

100% Breathable Comfort 

A tent is made of nylon and builds up unhealthy condensation quickly. A typical yurt is made of non-breathable heavy vinyl, with conventional house insulation in between. It resembles a standard house with poor insulation. A PleniSphere® retains more heat with its double-wall air-pocket technology. Inside a PleniSphere® you are always heating and breathing fresh outside air with 100% cotton canvas walls of highest quality and durability. This also has numerous health benefits!

One with Nature

While both a yurt and a PleniSphere® are round, the similarities end here. Like a conventional house, a yurt still limits your seamless contact with the outdoors. In a PleniSphere®, permeable walls allow you to feel immersed in your natural surroundings. Unlike a tent where you are roughing it, your high ceilings, ample windows, and vertical walls provide you with complete luxurious comfort. Welcome to being a part of nature rather than apart from nature! 

Portability, Simplicity, Setup Time and Ease

A yurt's wood frame alone weighs 800 lbs, and takes several days by several people to set up. It follows most standard construction principles. A PleniSphere® consists of two bags weighing 65 and 50 lbs respectively, a set of PVC poles, and a set of ground stakes. They easily fit in an ordinary car, and can be set up by a single experienced person in two hours. Welcome to an entire new standard of construction.

Resistance to the Elements

Ordinary tents break, collapse, and fly away in harsh weather. Tipis can fall with exceptionally high winds, as they are not firmly staked into the earth as a PleniSphere® is. A specially built yurt or house can handle almost any snow load and winds up to 80 mph. A PleniSphere® performs the same or better: the snow melts immediately as it lands when the inside temperature is kept just above freezing. No build- up, nothing to clean! A PleniSphere® also sustains high winds as it is a true sphere with no corners where the wind can get under. Well staked to the earth, the frame and fabric moves as one unit; this is the perfect structure during an earthquake!


Windows and thus views and ventilation are missing in tipis. All Queen PleniSphere®s come with generously sized, beautifully arched windows, in three layers: a canvas privacy blind, followed by a no-see-um proof screen, followed by a UV-rated heavy duty clear vinyl. All layers have gorgeously bound reinforced seams, and open and close with two zipper pulls so you can adjust the window opening to any shape and size you want! All zippers are out of sight and framed so as to be protected from all dust and rain exposure. Unlike a house, having four windows in four directions and one door allow effective cross ventilation, multiple views of the sky, earth and nature observation!


Our extra tight weave, pre-shrunk, heavy duty cotton canvas has four proprietary non-toxic treatments: fire retardant, UV, water and mildew resistance. It is prepared for any climate, any sun and water exposure, and any moisture level and altitude. It has been successfully tested now for four years in a wide range of geographic regions. As it is made of two matching layers, the inner layer never is in contact with the elements and can last indefinitely, easily 40-50 years. The outer layer can last 20 years in most regions, and around 10 years in extreme conditions. Additionally, it can be reordered and exchanged for a new one without you having to take down your setup!


The list of standard house maintenance is too long to list, and usually eats away at all free time and money we have. PleniSphere® maintenance: zero. Enjoy life!

Aesthetic Appeal

 Uncomplicated, generous, symmetrical arches free of any angles, corners or repeating polygonal shapes is the PleniSphere® signature. Impeccable seams finished with elegant binding throughout, and fantastically smooth zippers always out of sight, allow your nervous system to rest in peace, naturally regenerate, and restore its original buoyancy. No rigid wall can replicate the softness that fabric engenders.

Architectural Health and Performance Impact 

Independent of what the weather brings, you are always warm, dry, with fresh air and enveloped by the beauty of arched windows. 100% UV free filtered light always produces a golden glow inside, on a bright day or a gloomy day. It is the perfect natural for light for photography, painting and to counter depression, SAD and other physical and mental maladies stemming from isolation from nature, artificial surroundings, and lack of architectural harmony.

Nervous System Functioning 

Without fail those who enter it comment on the enveloping calmness and sparkling joy that emerges. Those who spend an hour or longer describe how their thoughts become more coherent, positive and creative. Whether you are working on your laptop, conceptualizing your next business plan, doing artwork, cooking, exercising, meditating, entertaining, or simply resting and enjoying, there is an organic and sustainable flow to your actions.




Take a quick tour with the video on the right:

 MASCOT PLENISPHERE®: Four-Season Camping

  • 7' tall, 7' wide, skylight, 40 sq.ft. of fully usable space
  • Camp, sleep, retreat to the outdoors in all four seasons
  • Generously accommodates 2 chair-beds, countertop with sink, toilet, heater, footstools, cooler, backpack
  • Accommodates 8  average chairs in a circle
  • Accommodates a massage table
  • Accommodates a bathtub
  • Children love it
  • Perfect meditation space
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Skylight with sun pattern
  • Can be annexed to a full-size Queen PleniSphere® 
  • All three windows and door offer a privacy blind, screen, and a clear vinyl later with hidden zippers
  • Sets up easily by one person in 15 minutes
  • Total weight of 41 lbs, in 2 bags: 23.5 lbs for inner layer, 17.5 lbs for outer layer
  • Simply buy PVC poles, 1/2" thick schedule 40, cut to 100" in length with pipe cutters or handsaw

Mascot PleniSphere® Brochure: print both sides onto one sheet of paper, fold it in half twice.

Mascot PleniSphere®
Payment Options

 Price for All-Season Mascot: $1,995.

Two layers of canvas keeps you warm in the harshest of winters and rains

 The PleniSphere®'s Unique Technology is Now Patented!: Patent # US9523213