Special Events


Offer your guests a truly unrivaled experience of blending natural surroundings with the finest of indoor comfort and beauty. Elegant simplicity is the signature of the PleniSphere®. Ten feet tall lofty arches, views in all directions, natural breathable walls cradle your guests with a sense of serenity and expansiveness. Surprise, delight and pleasure await them no matter the weather or the season.

Typical outdoor structures for Special Events have serious limitations:

Lack esthetic appeal, are difficult to heat and cool, collapse in winds, leak in torrential rains, are insect-infested, are unsuitable for snow and cold, need constant repairs and maintenance, are inconvenient to store, transport and set up.

A PleniSphere® is unique because it offers all advantages and no setbacks:

1-hour setup, decades of durability, well ventilated during summer heat and during cooking, toasty warm in winter, light to carry, promotes health of occupants with breathable materials, sustains prolonged heavy rain, intense heat, extreme cold, high winds and snow, all in an atmosphere of incomparable beauty and style.

 Golfing Events: Imagine pristine hospitality lodges at any tee box on the course to rest, refresh and hydrate as you enjoy your game

 Outdoor Weddings, Parties, Reunions: Imagine a bride's dressing alcove, a bridesmaids' powder room, a portable children's nursery, a private baby changing room, a food prep area

 Outdoor Meetings, Trainings, Retreats: Imagine a round gathering place conducive to deepening conversations and experiences, able to hold up to 27 participants.

 Outdoor Luncheons, Breakfasts and Dinners: Imagine a rectangular or round table that easily seats 12 guests, an adjacent food prep and serving area, a game room, a silent auction, and so much more!

PleniSphere® Features and Benefits: 

  • 10' tall, 15' wide, 180 sq.ft., 100% breathable, cotton canvas with durable and beautiful finishes
  • 3 window layers (screen, clear vinyl, blind)  afford privacy, complete insect protection, cold protection, clear views
  • Stays efficiently warm at -0°F, well ventilated in summer, sustains winds up to 80 mph, melts snow as it lands, endures torrential rains and storm with grace
  • Non-toxic treatments for UV, water, and mildew resistance, and fire retardant
  • Fits 17 chairs in a circle, 27 in rows, or 8 yoga mats
  • Sets up directly on ground or wood deck and can be accomplished in 30 minutes with 4 people 
  • Patent pending technologies, including double-wall air insulation, assures you always have the best product 
  • Proudly advertise you are a part of the green revolution: your PleniSphere® has a positive ecological footprint! 

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