Financing Your Dream

2015-10-26 BREAKING NEWS: Right now there is a fantastic opportunity if you are truly ready to move out of the city and start living off-grid, being offered by FYI Channel, Unplugged TV. If you are in your 20-30's, they would like to document your transition and will even consider paying for your project! That's right- a paid PleniSphere® and a lot. Please contact them directly and schedule a phone interview today

I wish you success!

Haley Friedman  


  • casting agent in LA 
  • looking for young American families/ couples/ groups of friends 
  • who are looking to move off grid 
  • the FYI channel (Unplugged/ Tiny House Nation) will document their journey 
  • from city life to their own off grid utopia! 


 I bought a PleniSphere®!
Now, where do I put it?!

Over the past five years I have lived in five different states in a variety of settings. Here are some ideas that I and or customers have done:

Rent land. When I was in Grass Valley, California, I rented 10 acres for $200 a month for one year. I had complete privacy, solitude and safety. I was in paradise at 3000 feet elevation. I found the contact through a colleague who owned the land.

I spent two months in a friend's backyard, while I was deciding what to do next. Luckily, they had 5 acres and lots of trees! But I would have considered even a piece of grass of 20' x 20' and a bush to start!

I had another friend who had 160 acres of wilderness land of which he only used a small section for his house. I found a grove of cedars, cleared the lower branches, and tucked away a PleniSphere®.I was at 4,500' elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I loved the wilderness, and I had the magic of a bear walk right past my back window, while I was cooking! I was 20 minutes from town!

One of my clients was renting an apartment in the city. She placed her PleniSphere® in her tiny sideyard, and rented out her apartment!

Approach a farmer or land owner, and ask if you can use a corner of their property in exchange for overseeing it as necessary. You will do not alter their land in any way, in case they would like to sell it, and they will have somebody keeping an eye on it. Your cost is free!

How does it get better than this?! What else is possible?!

Remember, that transitioning into this lifestyle is a process. Be patient with yourself, give it time. You don't have to decide today how the rest of your life is going to look like. Just choose one step for the next few months that feels like you're going in the right direction. The good thing about the PleniSphere® is that it is portable! You can take it with you anywhere you choose to go, in a moment's notice. Once, I decided to move at 5 PM one afternoon, and by 6 AM the next morning I was already on the road, with all my furnishings, my personal belongings, all inside one van. It is heaven!

What heaven are you ready to experience? What makes your heart sing right now? Are you ready to let it happen?!