Luxuriate Your Life with a Canvas Castle!

What is a PleniSphere® ?

A PleniSphere® is a stylish, durable, non-toxic canvas home suitable for full-time or part-time use anywhere from Alaska to the tropics.

And it is so much more. It is a place where beauty, wholeness and communication happens, where your creativity is balanced and your health soars. A place where you have uninterrupted contact with the continuum of nature, both as an observer and as a participant, while still maintaining essential modern comforts of key furnishings, appliances, media and music.

Its ingenious 10' tall architecture of arches framed in PVC yields a dwelling that withstands 80 mph winds, keeps you dry in torrents of rain, melts off the snow as it lands, and gives you respite from heat in the summer. 

Its round shape, free of sharp angles, replicates structures of nature and galaxies, allowing your nervous system to sink into profound states of peace and joy, naturally. Beyond physical comfort, these canvas castles bring you plenty on all levels, they bring you plenitude, hence its name, PleniSphere®.

Reduce your carbon print to near zero and increase your connection with nature exponentially by placing it in your backyard or off-grid land. We will show you how to live sustainably in abundance and luxury, completely off the grid and harming none. Welcome to a sphere of plenitude!

 The PleniSphere®'s Unique Technology is Now Patented!: Patent # US9523213