Set up is simple, does not require special strength, and can be accomplished in 2 hours by one person! For the first time, a party of two to four people make it more enjoyable and time-efficient.

Have ready:

  • 9  of 20' long PVC pipes, schedule 40, 3/4" 
  • 12-24 tent stakes, 9" or longer
  • For a prolonged installation: 12 of 5' long rebar, 1/2" thick. Pound these into ground in a circle

Lay out the PleniSphere® on the ground, and slide the pipes through the upper sleeves.

Slide the pipes into the rebar

Gradually the PleniSphere® rises of itself

All pipes are in, now start fastening the lower sleeves. This will make the walls taught and hold the beautiful shape of the PleniSphere® 

Done! Next, slide over the outer cover for all weather protection

You are ready to move in!

Move in a few furnishings and you are ready to relax!