PleniSphere® Designer: Adonata Pyaga

I invite you...

... Live in Nature anywhere in the World, no matter what the climate brings.   Be able to setup your home in 30 minutes. Be able to move it at your leisure, for winter and summer pleasure. Have all necessary technology and be completely off-the-grid. Have near zero maintenance and expenses. Live healthy. Live comfortably.  Live in Beauty. Expect nothing less.


This is not a tent. It is not a yurt, and it is not a tipi. It is a Pleni-Sphere™ ; a way of living in the plenty of nature while still maintaining your modern conveniences. It is a way of beauty, too: its architecture consists of circles, arches, and a lofty ceiling. These soft, generous, shapes promote mental calmness, centeredness, health and vitality.


You may choose to set up this structure in your backyard as an art studio, office, meditation room, kids playhouse, guest bedroom, storage, greenhouse, and more. You may take it camping or hunting. You  may ship it to disaster relief areas that need quick and safe shelter.


Or, do as I do, and live in it full time. Place it on a wooded corner. You will never want to go back to living any other way. All the trappings I was conditioned to need melted away when my essential needs were met. I never “rough it”. I am always dressed in beauty, surrounded by beautiful fabrics and soft pillows. Cotton, wool and wood are the only materials I am in contact with. My kitchen is ergonomic and has all I need for the fabulous meals I cook daily.  My mind functions well and tirelessly when I sit at my couch or at my desk with my laptop, craft tools and designs. My lungs are always breathing healthy fresh outside air, as the high quality canvas walls are breathable. In the coldest of winters I am instantly warm with my fire pit. My portable solar panel sustains all my electrical, musical and high tech needs. My only maintenance is recycling my indoor composting toilet waste once a week. I heat up my indoor shower water with a portable gas tank within minutes. My home is strong and well anchored to the ground, able to withstand snow, rain and windstorms as well or better than any conventional home. My friends love visiting me and comment on how peaceful and happy they feel within minutes. I love entertaining and never feel isolated. My ears love to hear the wildlife just outside my walls, as though I am outside; but I am safe, inside, free of all insects and extreme sunlight. Here I can feel the cycles of nature in safety and comfort.  I don’t need to step outside to regenerate-- I feel I am outside already.  There is so little to take care of, and I am completely cared for. I am free.


After a fifteen-year career as a clinical psychotherapist, conflict resolution and stress management expert based in Florida, I moved to the Ozark Mountains in 2004 and spontaneously and ardently dedicated myself to sustainable living practices. I studied and built various alternative housing structures and became a Certified Permaculture Designer.


I increasingly developed a passion to live completely immersed in nature while maintaining all the comfort and convenience of a conventional home. After building and living in a variety of alternative housing structures, I combined their best features to invent the PleniSphere® . Beauty, efficiency, durability, low maintenance and the highest quality natural materials and finishes are the values I applied in constructing my dream home of cloth.


As an Ecological Living Designer, I now specialize in low-impact living designed with your greatest happiness in mind. I invite you to join me in this adventure of living in a new way, a way that nurtures you at the core in all you do. Life is simple. There is room for spaciousness where you once crowded it with stuff, maintenance of stuff, and working to get more stuff. This space is not empty. It allows room for you to feel yourself, and to feel nature’s rhythms. Try it out for yourself!

To view Adonata Pyaga's Curriculum Vitae, click here.