PleniSphere® Sustainable Vision

PleniSphere® Villages
PleniSphere® Villages

 Let's envision that every human action,

 in every field of endeavor, 

restores and enhances 

the ecosystem of the earth.

For this purpose the PleniSphere® was created.

Our natural full human potential 

is one of vibrant energy and health, 

an open heart full of joy,

 a clear and creative mind 

able to solve problems 

and generate new systems for the benefit of all, 

and a spirit overflowing with peace and kindness.

For this purpose The Happy Heart was created.

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We have several projects under development, including

  • PleniSphere® Villages,
  • PleniSphere® Hotels
  • PleniSphere® Spas
  • PleniSphere® Retreats
  • PleniSphere® Greenhouse Dwellings
  • and more!
We will have more information up on these soon. Feel free to contact us with any questions or proposals. We would love your participation, financial support and enthusiasm!

We welcome your donations of time, supplies and money.

From a dollar to one million dollars, and every value in between, 

we and the earth appreciate you and your contribution!