Live, Work, Play or Simply Relax in a PleniSphere®!

A PleniSphere® in Santa Fe, NM 2014
A PleniSphere® Interior
A PleniSphere® is 10' tall!
PleniSphere® Inner Wall. Adding an outer wall creates an air pocket that insulates it in the coldest of winters
Queen PleniSphere® in Ocean Shores , WA 2013. Through torrential rains and 70mph winds the PleniSphere® stays dry and composed!
Junior PleniSphere® with extra sun and rain protection
A PleniSphere® in the woods of Grass Valley, CA 2012. You can place a PleniSphere® on a deck, as shown here, or directly on the ground.
Junior PleniSphere® in San Jose, CA 2012. Nothing is more peaceful than an evening spent in a softly lit PleniSphere®
Serene PleniSphere® Interior
Custom Furnishings for a PleniSphere®
Portable Kitchen Setup in a PleniSphere®
A PleniSphere® Community
PleniSphere® Interior
The finest binding and industrial strength stitching

 The PleniSphere®'s Unique Technology is Now Patented!: Patent # US9523213